Coming Soon to a Mind Near You

Most of the citizens in the Land of Iz found the self serving values of the one percent extremely repugnant to their own more democratic proclivities.  Unfortunately however, many people were unable to properly pronounce the word repugnant.  Instead they offered bastardized variations. Thus to the ninety-nine percent, the cold and calculating leader of the one percent eventually became widely known throughout the land as the “Repugnicant Ruler.”

The ruthless Repugnicant Ruler was a man of imperial intentions, devious designs and shriveled spirit.  He was also cunning – so cunning that he knew there are better ways to conquer citizens than with the sword.  One day he called all his representatives together and proclaimed, “‘The power of meaningless money is so great that we shall create a new system that enslaves all citizens through banks and debt.

The conquered citizens will not even realize that their needs have been subjugated to our whims and wishes.  It will happen so subtly that, on the surface, it will appear that nothing has changed. Our captives will become our benefactors and from that day forward, they will pay us tribute, transferring a portion of their hard earned wealth to us as interest on their debts to us. After we have control of a nation’s money through this system, we will no longer care who makes the laws.’

We shall rule the Land and make many more rules and issue proclamations that ply the citizens towards our favor.  They shall become our docile servants, and won’t even know it.”

Thus on that dismal day, supported by the big bankers, corporate chiefs, and economic elites, the Repugnicant Ruler seized control of the circulating currencies of money and information. With it came the reigns of power in The Land of Iz.  It was as if the force of fear had descended from dark clouds, spreading the negativity of dark debts like torrents of rain across the land. A lightening bolt of cynicism struck down the twin towers of symbolic strength: faith and hope. The very soul of The Land of Iz was captured through a currencies that circulated like bad blood through mainstream channels of commerce, culture and community.  The Soul Switch had been shifted, positive to negative, and with that simple flip of significance, enlightenment gave way to darkness.

The Repugnicant Ruler placed his loyal people in positions of authority, selecting only those who loved their own power more than they loved the inspiring Ideals of Iz.  The insightful ideals from The Land of Iz were suddenly savaged by warping winds of worry, indifference and fear.

To keep the common citizens from realizing what had happened, the ruthless Repugnicant Ruler developed highly sophisticated techniques data collection and used this data to  deny, distract and divert the citizens from more abiding truths.  He modified mindsets and manipulated the masses through manufactured media messages to advance his own agenda.  He fomented fear amongst the masses by creating false, fictional and fierce enemies.

As the Repugnicant Ruler flipped the Soul Switch from positive to negative, he proclaimed to his representatives in the corridors of power: “We are under severe stress and siege from enemies within. Therefore the laws of economic and political democracy no longer apply to us. We must now focus our resources on fighting the enemies that threaten our grip on the reigns of power.”  

The “enemies within” were seldom identified, but the forces of intellectual and political repression were mobilized, nevertheless. This made the common citizens ever more fearful, because they didn’t know who might be an enemy. “Is my neighbor my enemy?” they asked themselves, not aware that their neighbors were asking the same question.

Thus, with the flip of the Soul Switch from positive to negative, The Land of Iz was transformed into The Land of Izn’t.  Soon The Land of Izn’t descended into depression, darkness and despair. Money became divorced from meaning and the citizens gradually forgot what life had been like before the Repugnicant Ruler seized the reigns of power.

Meaningless money proved more powerful than the words inscribed on the Tablet of Truth.  Soon predatory profiteers and pragmatic politicians squeezed out all measure of trust from the coffers of the citizens and placed it an escrow account that only they could access.  Trust amongst and between citizens dissipated and without mutual trust, the economic engine of society started sputtering.  Citizens came to fear each, rather than trust each other and the future came to look more hollow than whole.


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