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Chapter 6 – Izzy the Inspired Idea

All ideas are not created equal.  Most ideas incrementally plod their way into existence.  They’re sometimes useful but usually limited in vision from their very inception.  They continue though life at a snails pace and perhaps, if they’re lucky, eventually grow into legitimate programs or projects of some value. In rare cases they might even mature into real change, but it’s usually change that only nibbles around the edges of larger problems.   Some ideas aren’t very pretty, either.  They often fall under influences that, shall we say, don’t do much good in the world.

Then there are those ideas that, from their very birth, are a beauty to behold–glorious ideas that have the power and potential to catalyze a whole new way of thinking or create a new lens through which the entire world looks different.  pastedGraphic.pdfThese ideas are full of wonder and send shivers through the souls of those who are lucky enough to chance their acquaintance.  Such ideas aren’t born through normal means. Instead they burst into being – like an epiphany that cries out to the world, “Consider me.”  They glow with the light of awakening.  They hold the potential of transformative change.

Consider the emergence of Izzy as a force in the world.  Izzy was by nature one of these glorious ideas. She sometimes went by her middle name: Inspiration.  She had the rare ability to touch even the dullest imaginations.  She helped people see what they’ve yet to see.  She tempted people with a fleeting insights.

The source of Izzy’s power was in her eyes … deep blue eyes simultaneously reflecting the expanses of the sky and the depths of the sea. pastedGraphic_1.pdfIzzy loved to be loved, and to those who knew her well, she was love incarnate.  But to many others, preoccupied with more mundane matters, she wasn’t even there.

Within the depths of her being, Izzy possessed the power to rouse entire societies. But such societies must first have a plentiful reservoir of positive energy.  Izzy was completely incapable of exercising her power of inspiration without the nurturing influences of love and gratitude. It was gratitude that kept her connected to her power.

Like all ideas, Izzy feeds off of the collective consciousness, for better or for worse.  She might resonate with that consciousness or conflict with it.  If the latter, Izzy really wasn’t much of an idea at all.  In the darkness of cynicism or despair, Izzy was seen as a dimwit.  In the light of openness Izzy was insight incarnate.

At any given moment Izzy might be found wandering about … anywhere … in the rolling hills … in the tall reach of towering trees … in a shimmering sun setting across the sea … in  a chance conversation with a stranger … in an erudite paper … a book … a song … a symphony … a church sermon …  a synagogue … in the longing of a lover … in the heart of burning desire … in the tears of disappointment … in the whispers of the wind ….. even in the boardroom … or on an operating table … on the streets of the city … in a prayer … in the spectacle of sport … a classroom … or a research project … a doctors diagnosis … in a fatal blunder … or in the soul of society.

But like all ideas, Izzy needed to exist in an environment, where she had room to grow.  Izzy requires a daily sustenance of positive energy to feed a very healthy appetite for change.  Surrounded only by negative energy, Izzy lost her allure.



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