Coming Soon to a Mind Near You

Wonder, Wit and Whimsey

On the surface, The Wiz of Iz is a story of wonder, wit and whimsy, specifically designed to be created and shared using the modern tools of technology.

It’s a Web story … a wiki story consisting of text, images and video animations.  In its mature stages the story of The Wiz of Iz will be told in many forms by many people.

On deeper levels, The Wiz of Iz is a multi-faceted metaphor designed to to help us both individually and collectively explore three frontiers of thought:

• The Processes of Change: How do we grow, both personally and as a society?

• The Meaning of Money: What is it? Why does it hold such power over our lives? Can we think differently about it?

• The Soul of Society:  Why are we suffering so?  Can we connect in ways that make us all stronger, healthier and happier?


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