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Flipping The Soul Switch

Everybody has a Soul Switch.  Flipping the Soul Switch is the trigger to the release of the kind of inspirational energy that expands our being.  It’s our connection to what is deep beneath the surface of material motivation. It’s the actuating mechanism of great goodness.  The where’s, the how’s and the why’s of our soul have been a matter of endless debate by philosophers, poets and sages through the ages.  Most recently physicists have joined the discussion, as the distinctions between science and spirituality blur.

Beneath the surface of perceptions, a world of energetic elements exists.  This is not some matter of fluffy conjecture, but rather phenomenon that has been confirmed by the science of quantum physics.  At the sub atomic level, everything exists as the energy of photons, electrons, and neutrons.   In other words, all energy has characteristics of matter, and all matter has the characteristics of energy.  Which is which – matter or energy – depends on our perception.  We all see the same things differently, because our perceptions are so different and we all have our Soul Switch at different settings – all the way  from positive to negative.

When we flip our Soul Switch, we consciously decide to alter the basis of our perception. In the that moment when, we decide that the glass is half full rather than half empty … or vice versa, the shift in perception enables us to summon our energy … to mobilize our resources … to free blockages within us  … to stimulate the flow of positive energy … to stimulate confidence … regenerate economies and even build new eras of job creation and prosperity.

Nobody can change their destination overnight, but Anybody can change their direction. Flipping the Soul Switch sends a signal to the core of our being.  That signal screams at us, “Pay attention! This matters.  You need to change.” When we flip the Soul Switch, there is a fundamental shift of momentum because the direction of energy flows is reversed.  The energy shift can change the direction of individual lives or of entire societies.

Usually our lives appear to flowing along a horizontal plane of humdrum existence … the daily demands of job … of school work … of family responsibilities lock us into patterns of behavior, that too often are at odds with the patterns of wholeness and nature. While we seem to be on an even plane, we’re moving in one direction or another … up or down … getting ahead or falling behind … winning or losing the game of life.  Although we’re seldom conscious of shifts, we’re never standing still. Stasis is only an illusion … until we flip the Soul Switch. 

Flipping the Soul Switch can happen for individuals, for teams, for companies, for families, for groups, for societies and for entire planets. In our defining moments, we only become conscious of the change direction in our lives when the flip of the Soul Switch occurs suddenly and dramatically.  This phenomenon is most noticeable in sporting events.  It might be the look in the quarterback’s eyes in the huddle that conveys utter certainty that his team will not be denied in their march to the goal line. It might be that instinctual instant when the center on the basketball team swats away the slam dunk attempt that would have put the home team ahead … suddenly everybody in the arena can feel the shift of energy.

It can turn games around, seasons and careers … and our lives.  Always, it was as if the transformation came from a place deep in our being … a wellspring of energy that emerges in concentrated form … as an outburst … an outflowing … an overflowing … a heroic effort … a defining moment.

When the flip of the Soul Switch comes upon us suddenly, it’s that OMIGOD instant when we know we have no other choice than to summon a measure of resolve that we have never summoned before.  It might be the stark realization that your life has started moving faster than you can control.  It might happen with the birth of a child … a cancer diagnosis … a new job … a car accident … a pink slip … a heated argument.

Whatever the trigger to the flip of the Soul Switch, 

it connects us directly to our higher calling.

Flipping the Soul Switch from negative to positive occurs is often evinced as personal resolution – when we fix our determination to the sticking place. The flip of the Soul Switch may happen in the chance exchange of glances between two strangers that changes both their lives forever. The Soul Switch moment may come in the declining years when someone realizes that his or her time on earth is finite … an awareness comes that they must dedicate their time or money to do good works … something useful … to contribute to societies well being  … whenever the Soul Switch get flipped … whatever our age … whatever our situation … it is the defining moment when we find the true goal of living … the true meaning of life.

On the national stage, the flip of the Soul Switch moment might be triggered by a catalytic event, that signals a rush to war … a political, ecological or financial crisis that sets in motion a calamitous chain of events.

Today, at a time of national crisis, when governments seem caught in the grip of partisan paralysis, someone needs to flip our collective Soul Switch. Recent polls reveal a dominant perception that our governing structure is in broken, our natural environment is deteriorating and our economy is in permanent decline.  The perception often defines the reality of the decline.  The reality won’t change until the perception changes.  The perception won’t change until someone flips the Soul Switch.

This is the stuff of The Wiz of Iz.  Everybody has the power to shift the Soul Switch from negative to positive.  Anybody can do it.    Everybody thinks Somebody will do it … so far Nobody has done it?

Who will it be: Somebody, Everybody, Anybody or Nobody?

To find the answer to this question … read on. 


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