Coming Soon to a Mind Near You

Simple Story and Big Idea

The Wiz of Iz is a simple but powerful story about the birth of really big ideas, the growth of world changing movements and the triumph of hope against all odds.  Like all powerful stories and really big ideas, The Wiz of Iz can be interpreted on different levels of splendor and complexity.  Through this story of The Wiz of Iz, as prism, refracting light as Traces of Truth we come to understand “the systems” that govern our lives on societal and personal levels. The code we program into our motivational “systems” holds mysterious power over our lives – a power so great it either leave us with a sense of emptiness or fill us with gratitude and true riches.  It can push entire nations to the brink of collapse or inspire their economic awakening.  It can concentrate financial power in a few hands or democratize economic power. It can create new waves of wealth creation benefitting all of society or cause convulsions of economic and personal instability that cause pain for everyone. It can stimulate prosperity or cause a contraction of our hopes and dreams.  It can raise awareness or narrow our perspectives.

The design of the system is not static.  The code we embed into the system is constantly evolving through new technology, new laws, new mores, new shared events and new ideas that penetrate both our individual lives and the collective consciousness. Digital technology today offers us amazing new possibilities in the way we program the code into the system. The key to unlocking our higher potential is new thinking about new kinds of system and new kinds consciousness that might be called the Code of Common Cents.  The story of The Wiz of Iz presages both the demise and rebirth of “the system” with this Common Cents Code embedded in a new operating system for our lives and for the global economy.


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