Coming Soon to a Mind Near You

Who is The Wiz of Iz?

The Wiz of Iz is the metaphorical champion of fundamental change, whether that change be on the societal level of “systems’ or personal level of beliefs and habits.  In times of economic crisis and political paralysis, there’s a real need for the uplift of bold new ideas, and inspired leadership. Change won’t come by using smoke and mirrors that mask real problems.  It won’t come from quick fixes. It won’t come from choosing short sighted solutions to long term systemic problems. Genuine change only comes when we advance our thinking into new and more fertile fields of discovery. Even as some new ideas grow into big solutions, many more languish for lack of an adequate understanding of the ongoing flux of change.  Now, more than ever, the time is ripe for original thinking on how solve our economic, educational and ecological crises.  We need vision directed towards new kinds stable, sustainable and equitable systems for the 21st century. Even mainstream economists are now moving towards a consensus that our systems have fundamental flaws. Most of these “experts” have left out the most important piece out of the puzzle.  The Wiz of Iz has it.  It’s the holy grail of thought – the key to unlocking our human potential. It’s inscribed on The Tablet of Truth in the Castle of Change. First we must make the journey.  This is our story.  It’s our future.  Now it’s our move.  Let’s begin.


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